Are We There Yet?

Almost. Soon enough. Hey, look out the window! Cows!

The crappy answers your parents gave you when they didn’t know how far away the destination was, or they did know – and it was still really far. Annoying as an eight year old and as an adult.

Things are moving though. The For Sale sign is down. My financing is set. In fact I just decided on a homeowners insurance plan this morning. Last week we met with another painter who gave us a much better quote than the last guy, as well as floor guys who made us an offer we couldn’t – or won’t be able to – refuse. Seriously, I am so ready to spend this money. I can’t tell you how excited I am to go to the dent-and-scratch outlet for a washer and dryer. Or two.

In the meantime, because of my financing (or to get said financing), I had to take a first-time homebuyer class and a general homeowners class for the how-to-be-a-landlord part. Six evenings (mostly in a row) of hearing many of the things I’ve already learned in the last six months – like how to find a realtor, how to make an offer, how to avoid a discrimination lawsuit when choosing a tenant.

I did actually learn about going into the city records to look up all the permits ever opened on a property in order to see the work that’s been done. Or the code violations that the city has on the property. Luckily, nothing alarming was in the house’s file (too late to run, anyhow). But I was definitely bracing for the worst – murder(s), fires, etc. The one cool thing found was what we think is the original permit to build the house, opened in May of 1900 by the city with the names of the owner and architect. She’s 112 years old! And about to get a much-deserved face lift.


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