The Countdown Begins


The excitement is waning. I forget I am buying a home. Except for at two a.m. when the assholes in my apartment building are screaming, shrieking, clomping up the tile stairs in hooker heels, coming home wasted and playing loud music. Only then am I truly excited again about the thought of someday closing on this house. Also, I am then reminded I am old and very adult-like.

I leave this post in drafts. Days pass. Life goes on. I pick up this half-baked post weeks later.
Then I will own 3,743 square feet of Old that needs about 3,743 square feet of Work. Think I’ll enjoy these last several days from my couch, in my slippers, sipping a beer while I don’t pay for this heat.

On another note, my parents visited and saw the house and didn’t totally think we were crazy. In fact, my mom has claimed a room on the third floor. You can claim a room too, but you’ll have to help furnish it.

About Lynn

Attempting to renovate a house and keep a blog alive.
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