I love lists. I mean, who doesn’t? I fall into the list-crazy category of “Will add an already accomplished task to a current list just to cross it off.” You know you do it, too. You say you already ate breakfast? Breakfast. There, doesn’t that feel better?

Several weeks ago, Lou and I were sitting on a patio, sipping cocktails, when of course, we started talking about the house. We (or I) decided to bust out the phone and start a list. Obviously list-making over cocktails is the best kind of list-making there is.

Now, Lou has rooms of tools back in Texas, but that’s there. The only thing in our apartment in Boston is a hammer. And apparently, it’s not a good enough hammer, because “hammer” is the first item on our list. I guess it’s the kind of hammer you hang Ikea posters with, not bash down plaster with. Who knew?

So on Tuesday, October 30, the day after we close, I will force Lou into a zipcar and we will go to Home Depot to FINALLY cross some things off of a list. The first of many, many lists I will be making.


Doesn’t this list sound like (buckets) of fun?

After crossing these items off this list in what is sure to be a cathartic moment, I will examine the receipt, do the math around what percentage of my paycheck I just spent, and announce that our lists must get a lot shorter.


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Attempting to renovate a house and keep a blog alive.
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