Nothing will stop us. Except for everything.

The last six days have been a blur. I’ve been in the midst of watching the Giants (see “baseball, san francisco, scrappy, underdogs, anti-media-darlings and low ratings-bringers”) climb their way to be World Series champs. This meant a lot of nights spent watching TV (something I don’t do a lot of) and wearing the same black pants every game and drinking a local SF beer (the one I also drank through the 2010 WS) that took a good hour and some luck to hunt down on a Sunday night in Boston…Me? Superstitious? Then I got sick on Saturday night, which really blossomed into total awesomeness on Sunday. I haven’t been sick in two years. TWO YEARS. And I get a sore throat and annoying cough the day before closing.

But what’s a sore throat when there’s a hurricane headed your way? Here’s how it went down: Sunday night turned out to be one of those games where you’re better off not watching, because your team will be winning but when you come into the room, they start losing. Plus, I couldn’t really drink the SF beer due to my throat (that’s pretty sick, huh?). So I went to bed, prayed to @MLBJesus that when I woke, the news would be good. And Monday morning, the news was good. For the Giants. Also, the hurricane was definitely on. Hmmm, how soon would the homeowners insurance kick in?

At the walk through, we were already making improvements. Knowing heavy rain was coming and that the gutters dumped pretty much right into the basement, we added gutter extensions to move the water away from the side of the house. So effing proactive, right? Deep Eaves is in good hands.


That should do it…Right?

At the closing, I signed a lot of papers and the attorneys rushed the docs down to record them before the registrar closed due to the quickly-deteriorating weather. We learned later that they got there In time. Yay, lawyers! There were a couple older gentlemen from the seller’s side at the closing. I wasn’t expecting them to be there, but it was nice to meet them. They said they used to play on the front porch as kids, had a lot of memories of the place, and as we were leaving, the older of the two, probably in his sixties, gave us his keys, complete with an old Swiss Army knife. Not gonna lie, I got a little sad right then.

Finally, off to Home Depot we went! After all, work was closed, we had a car, hurricane be damned. Everyone else was buying flashlights. We were buying…a little more.


You guys. My List. Crossed off. Yesssssss.

And now we’re officially the owners. Today we propped up a section of the fence that blew down in the storm. It’s gonna be fun…


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