But I still entered a wallpaper giveaway.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and now tonight, Friday, have been dedicated to working out my arms. And if I get a good up-and-to-the-side angle going, my abs, too. All because of a little nuisance called wallpaper. After the first ten minutes of trying to take it down, you realize you will NEVER put it up. But I still signed up for some blog’s wallpaper giveaway. It was a really nice design, okay? And there’s no way I’ll win…

The front living room. The back room. The back bedroom. The front bedroom. Tonight…the bathroom! Every room has been its own beast. Lesson learned: Fully drench the m0-fo wallpaper. Just do it. The walls? They’re already old and patched up. The floors? They’re getting refinished. My nails? I can *almost* justify a manicure at the end of five rooms of wallpaper removal.

Looking from front room to back room…before.

Working the arms. 

Pear, I never knew thee.

I can only hope it’s all cleaned up by the end of Saturday. Peter the Painter (said with a Scottish accent) wants to start Monday. Luckily, the first floor is free of wallpaper (and carpet, and linoleum!). My arms will get a break.


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1 Response to But I still entered a wallpaper giveaway.

  1. Kent says:

    I firmly believe that those that put up wallpaper have never taken it down.

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