Back in the day

Remember the beautiful fir floors we uncovered? Well, right next to those, underneath more of that carpet circa 2006 (the newest thing in the house by far), is what I’m guessing to be the World’s First Linoleum.

 It’s pretty heinous, and it’s pretty darn stuck to the wood floor beneath it. So (you can relax now, Mom) we’re going to have the floor guys remove it when they take out the kitchen linoleum, also a beast – complete with its own sub-layer of plywood.

But as I was standing in the kitchen (I use that term loosely since there isn’t much in it) and looking out at the once-white-now-beige and brown tiles and the landing and banister, the old, detailed windows, and trimwork, I can imagine that in its prime this all made for a very grand entrance.

Use your imagination.


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