Oh hey, friend

Last night, Lou and I took up the first floor unit’s kitchen and bath floor. They looked like they would come up easily, so to save time and money (duh), we’re pulling them up before the floor guys come in early December to finish the floors.*

As soon as I pulled up the first strip of flooring in the kitchen, I was greeted by a familiar face.

Lou pulled up the linoleum and the plywood boards under it in the bathroom. It took a lot more work than my kitchen assignment. And he, too, was greeted by our old friend. He looks thrilled.

This checkerboard. It’s everywhere. The thing is, it’s not awful, or made with nasty patterns from the 80s. It’s in good shape. It looks better than the stuff that was covering it (and the same will eventually be said for the wood floors under the checkerboard). It was probably very expensive at the time. Either that, or they got it in bulk. Was that possible in 1960 or whatever year this was installed? If you have any idea when this flooring was popular, let me know, we’re curious.

Lou suggested that we put a coat of polyurethane over it and leave it in all its glory. And for a full second, I was on board. I blame the paint fumes. And if we hadn’t just bought medium-brown cabinets (not the ones in the photo below) and still had the opportunity to install some almost-black ones, I would have considered it for a full three seconds. If it had been the black-and-white version that’s in the bathroom, I’d still be considering it. Those are good colors.

And after we were done with the floors for the night, just for fun, we pulled off those lovely top cabinets seen above. Maybe tonight we’ll take care of the bottom half. The good news is, we have uncovered or at least seen all of the floors now. Wait I take that back! There is a third floor, but we don’t always remember we have one and we won’t be venturing up there until after the first floor is rented out and the second floor is in progress.

*Um, no. We will not be sanding and staining the floors ourselves. If that means we are not true down-and-dirty DIYers, I’m fine with it. This first floor unit is a rental and needs a tenant. It is worth it to not pay an extra full month of mortgage and spend valuable weeks of our time sanding/staining 2,100 square feet of very old wood. Same principle applies to painting. We took down the wallpaper. But that painter is worth every penny.

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