Grey or gray?


Here’s Lou staining more of the freshly-sanded floor gray (grey?) in an attempt to convince me that, despite the wood already having been stained in its life and therefore not taking a second stain as well, it will still look good and I should say yes to grey.

He is so very accommodating.

Ultimately I said yes to gray, even though the grain didn’t pop as it did in another floor we saw, and it looked a bit muddy to me. Because I don’t want an orange, high-gloss floor, which we’d have if we just put a clear finish on these natural floors.

But after all that, it doesn’t matter if it’s grey or gray, because either way it costs an extra $575. And that can buy a lot of other things. Like part of a refrigerator. So it looks like we’re going with the natural-turned-orange finish.

Oh well. It’s the rental. (Our new go-to phrase)


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