ImageGrey floors. Well, grey stain on wood floors, so greyish-tinted brown floors. Whatevs. We’re very happy with them.

That being said, these photos were taken in mediocre light, and are of the kitchen floor, which was in the worst shape. There was extra sanding through layers of glue and a little filling here and there. You know, she’s a wood floor in the kitchen for generations of an Italian family and she’s 112 years old. She’s seen a lot of action. But the grain still comes through in nice shades and it will be a nice contrast for the light wood cabinets and the dark grey countertops. If we ever get to the house on a sunny day around 11 a.m., we can take decent photos of the rest of the floors. IF.


Now, on to the second floor! Test stain is complete. Sanding started today. One step closer to living in my Places & Spaces Pinterest board where the walls are all stark white and the floor is a deep, dark ebony. Maybe we’ll go with white floors on the third floor…

sampling, round 2


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