And we’re in

livingroomWe moved in a couple weeks ago, the morning after several inches of snow fell on the city. Then came a week of low temps in the teens. I highly recommend moving into an old, un-insulated house in the middle of winter in Boston.


The living room quickly came together and feels like a living room. So we have that going for us. As for everything else, I’d say we’re glamping. Except, our meals don’t show up in specially crafted baskets with fine foods in them. But we do have a lovely view of the outdoors around us, since we’ve taken all the blinds down from the windows and have yet to put any back up.

The toilets on the first and second floor are long gone and have not been replaced either (though they have been ordered!). So our only bathroom is on the third floor. There’s a functioning sink and shower, too. And we’ve made the closet up there the main closet for clothes.

Our kitchen is located on the round walnut table, complete with a couple mugs, a cutting board, the silverware, and jars of peanut butter and honey. Washing the dishes happens in the third floor sink. A coffee and whiskey bar (that sounds far more fancy than I intend it to) is on a little square Ikea side table in the corner next to an outlet.

The appliances for the first floor rental unit arrived, so we’re now using the fridge on the first floor. Before that, we had a Home Depot bucket filled with ice, which we kept just inside the front door in the vestibule. With temps in the 20s, the soymilk and salsa kept just fine.

And of course, because we live here full time now, we have the option to work on the house whenever we want. Like on the weekends.


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