More hands

Progress is being made on the kitchen. Not the kitchen on our floor, sadly. But a kitchen nonetheless.

Two weekends ago, Lou’s family came to town with the sole purpose of helping with the house. A work weekend in Boston in January? They are crazy, and brave, and very, very generous.

The cabinets went in and up. The electrical was “figured out.” The microwave installed. The windows were scrubbed and de-grossed – and they were really gross, with an eight-inch of black stuff coating the white frames in some places, all up in the cracks. They probably did a lot more, but I was in the mud room for a day, painting its yellow walls and brown trim white – a color that doesn’t as closely resemble bodily fluids.

kitchen_1_14And then this past weekend, some family came to town unexpectedly. And again, because they’re a little crazy, and because they’ve done the “remodel an entire house yourself” thing, they dedicated half of their Saturday to painting the kitchen, moving the appliances into place, and generally cleaning shit up.

kitchen_1-19The kitchen needs one more coat of paint to hide the cracks in the walls and the layer of filth under it. Otherwise, we’re just waiting on some (dark grey) countertops to be templated, then delivered.

Ha, wait. Who am I kidding with this “Otherwise we’re just…” business. There’s so much to do still. But it seems like it’s getting there.

Also, I’m very happy that everything in the kitchen has come at bargain prices, thanks to cabinets from here and appliances from here. And our workers were paid in tuna sandwiches and queso and beer.


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