Everyone panic

The renters move in in 11 days. And as expected, there’s still a lot to be done. So that’s where we’ve been lately – working, not blogging. The good news is, in 11 days, we will be 100% DONE with the first floor. The bad news is, my thighs won’t get the workout they currently are getting from going up and down the stairs 20 times a day (probably 100+ times on the weekends).

I want to share whats on the to-do list:

Ok I just started listing several items and didn’t even make a dent in the bathroom so I called it quits. Here are some pictures of what we’ve done, instead (way more fun, and less stressful to read).


Window trim in the bathroom. Measuring, drawing, measuring, drawing, cutting, measuring, etc.


Sawing. In the back bedroom, which is the workshop. Saws galore. Sawdust galore. I spend the most time vacuuming in here. Vacumming has gone from something I despise to something that I really enjoy because the effects of it can be seen instantly. Unlike most of the rest of what we do. When the shop vac gets emptied and a new filter is put in, it’s like Christmas. Also, I might have a problem.


Magnets on the little sponge drawer to keep it latched. The small little tasks like this really add up (both in time and in how much better the place looks). I also put new bin pulls on the old built-in and magnets on its doors to keep them latched, too. Old built-in, new tricks.


The laundry nook. Slowly but surely it’s coming along. It is going to be a thing of beauty. It will get its own post.


Ikea. We go there on weeknights, 30 minutes before close. We’ve brought home some nice little finds, including an as-is (Lou’s favorite section) 6×8 rug for under $100, a new matte black floor lamp (also an as-is find), wire curtain hangers, and frozen vanilla cones. Once you go Weeknight Ikea, you never go back to Weekend Ikea.


And finally, for Lou’s birthday, we took an 18 hour Escape From Deep Eaves this past weekend to a modern hotel downtown. We enjoyed a fab dinner and much needed sleep in a dark, quiet, room that was NOT FREEZING COLD. And I arranged for him to have a massage (mainly so I won’t feel bad asking him to work late nights the next two weeks). Black and white walls and tall ceilings and modern fixtures and a really good meal? It’s like the house we’re trying to create, only it’s DONE. Leaving was not easy.


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