One floor down…

Running on very little sleep and a lot of Easter candy, we made it to the end* and handed the keys to the renters yesterday.

Full before and after coming soon, but in the meantime, here’s a look at the back bedroom during and after.

bedroom full of saws

clean back bedroom

Now we have no choice but to face our own problems. First up for Lou: putting the shower curtain oval up so we can take a shower. First up for me: pulling up the paper covering floor and, wait for it – VACUUMING! And then mopping. And then putting down our new rugs! For the plumbing is (supposedly) done (for now) and the only people left to make a mess in the house are the ones living in it.

Sadly, they’re fully up to the challenge.

vacuuming the stairs

Just hangin’ with my buddy.

*with only a handful of things still left to do

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Attempting to renovate a house and keep a blog alive.
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2 Responses to One floor down…

  1. Terrific job on the floor! Congratulations!

  2. plsiii says:

    You look so happy there, on the stairs.

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