The Wood & Cord Light

If you can’t buy a nice looking light fixture for this old house, you make one. And that’s what we did for the rental unit.

cherry board and yellow cord ceiling light

Wrangle up:

  • A slice of cherry wood sourced from western Massachusetts
  • Colored cord
  • Light sockets
  • Light plug (or whatever you want for a pull cord)
  • Materials to hang the board from ceiling
  • Bulbs (probably not mirrored) appropriate for desired light

I think this is the beta version. More wood and cord lights to come. And hopefully a better photo of it.

building a light

reflection in mirrored light bulb

spool of yellow nylon cord

wood and cord light

cherry wood and yellow cord ceiling light



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Attempting to renovate a house and keep a blog alive.
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3 Responses to The Wood & Cord Light

  1. plsiii says:

    Cloth covered wire also sourced from western MA, Sundial Wire… Made in the U.S. of A.

  2. projectbuddy says:

    This is really really really nice!

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