Working hard and hardly working

It’s a slow Friday afternoon. What to do, what to do. Oh, I could put a few photos on the ol’ blog. Okay, here we go.

To sum it up, we’ve been very, very busy.

Lou’s been mowing the lawn.

mowing the lawn

I’ve been watching. It’s pretty hard work, especially with a beer in your hand. But that’s only after I’ve pulled weeds and watered flowers and trimmed the hedges out front.

He’s been finishing up a little built-in in the bathroom. Full bathroom post coming soon, I promise. Here’s a preview, built-in not included.

renovated bathroom

And we’ve been entertaining houseguests. A very nice, good looking, and quiet appliance family. The washer, dryer, and dishwasher are in the dining room. The oven and cooktop never seem to come out of the guest room, though. Maybe once our kitchen is finished and there’s a place for them.

oven in guest room

And on that note, the kitchen. Waiting on electrical stuff to get the electrical inspection so we can get our actual inspection so we can be told, 1. You were supposed to get the permit before you ripped out the walls, please pay $232,094 in fines, and 2. You may now go ahead and put up the drywall, build the cabinets and add the appliances.

Pulling wires is a bitch, I think I’ve made it clear before. We’re Lou’s still trying thinking about doing the last few. It’s a beast. According to the electrician who is too nice to charge us much money but then also doesn’t show up, we’re 90% there. At this rate, we’ll be 90% in 2015, too. So, if he won’t take our money, it’s come down to maybe finding someone who will. We volunteered to do Thanksgiving here and, while we are big fans of grilling, I don’t think we want to attempt the turkey on it. 

Oh, and Lou has apparently started a draft of a blog post. Now that I’ve put that out here, hopefully he’s forced to publish whatever he’s been writing about. 

That’s all for now, hopefully this will get me (us?) back into the blogging routine again. There are some other projects going on and coming up so, stay tuned.


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