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The finished house: Blood, sweat, tears, paint, and beers

Nearly every day, I browse lovely sites and blogs featuring beautifully styled homes photographed in bright, natural light. They contain hard to come by vintage chairs whose owners have somehow picked them up at flea markets for pennies. Hand loomed rugs with ridiculous price … Continue reading

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Waiting for my porcelain luxury

I wanted to call this bathroom update, “Slowly Making Progress” but then I thought, who am I to judge the timeline and the speed of the work? I’m not the one really doing the work. And more importantly, it’s not … Continue reading

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730 days and counting

Happy two-year anniversary, you giant, paycheck-stealing, pretty, endless, battleship of a house, you. As Hurricane Sandy was hitting NY and rain and wind were threatening to close the attorney’s office and registrar where our signing would be recorded that day, we … Continue reading

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Part I: The rental unit, aka back ache and blisters

Finally! After five months, and a few extra days, one floor is done. Those first few weeks seem like a really long time ago. It doesn’t even seem like we’ve done that much looking at it, because we’ve been so … Continue reading

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Oh hey, friend

Last night, Lou and I took up the first floor unit’s kitchen and bath floor. They looked like they would come up easily, so to save time and money (duh), we’re pulling them up before the floor guys come in … Continue reading

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Back in the day

Remember the beautiful fir floors we uncovered? Well, right next to those, underneath more of that carpet circa 2006 (the newest thing in the house by far), is what I’m guessing to be the World’s First Linoleum.  It’s pretty heinous, … Continue reading

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