Tornado season, here we come

Holy crap. I am so behind on updating y’all on Deep Eaves. Let’s just rip it off like a Band-Aid, shall we?


(more suspense)

(seriously though, it’s like Zayn Malik leaving One Direction big)

(it’s like Lynn just made a relevant pop culture reference big)

We’re selling the house and moving back to Texas.

There, I feel better. Now I don’t have to try to explain why the last few months have been so stressful, and silent on this front. I can tell you all about the updates we’ve made without being like, “I can’t wait to enjoy this subway tile for years to come! (lies! lies! lies!)”


I thought about doing a series of posts (and by series I obviously mean one) leading up to the big reveal to catch us all up on the serious amount of work that’s happened in the last few months but seeing as how even one post has been a challenge lately…

There came a point when Lou and I were wondering what we should do next. Not in an “errrrrm, should we redo the bathroom or the basement” sort of way, but in a “how long do we want to stay in Boston” sort of way.

And the answer for both of us was “meh, I could leave tomorrow.” Ok, not totally. That was only the answer if you asked ME, and during the months of January through um, yesterday. Boston is hard, but that (and all the places/oddities I will miss about the city) is for another blog post. Or not.

Basically, in the spring of 2014, we made the decision to stay through two years of home ownership at least to avoid capital gains, so that put us at the end of October 2014. Then we decided that late fall was no time to sell, and we had a signed lease with our tenants through spring 2015. And hey, spring 2015 was supposed to be a strong real estate market and would give us time to make the world’s longest list of improvements ever so we could sell the house for its full value.

Lou has always wanted to go out on his own and start a residential design-build firm, and between all his contacts there, the fact that people still build (as opposed to just renovate 1880s structures), things are cheaper, and all our friends are really in Dallas, the decision was made. Sure, Austin was contemplated. San Francisco, too. But in the end, queso and tornados and friends won out.

new chapter

New chapter starts now.

Now, back to The Prettiest Battleship. She’s about finished! All she needs are a few odds and ends, like for the shower glass to be installed (any day now). I’m still recovering, mentally and physically, from the last two weeks of ridiculous work, limited sleep, horrible eating, and nerves associated with getting the house ready for photographing, listing, and multiple showings and open houses. I will talk about it, but not today.

Pretty photos of clean, styled rooms coming later this week. Until then, the third floor bathroom, because I feel I owe it to you after so many posts about its progress.

Third floor vanity
hedge on the ledgeHedge on a ledge (really, the selling point of the whole place if you ask me).


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