Look over there! Shiny object!

Last weekend. In Philadelphia. On a patio. At a  Mexican food place (my favorite kind of place). I mean, Deep Eaves is lucky we ever came back.

patio in phillySo, you know. The past weekend in Philly. The previous ones in Boston – wait. That’s where we live. Crap.  Well, whatever. I don’t need an excuse for the subject of today’s blog post.* Because, hey look! The third floor!

Did you know we have a third floor? We do. Come on. Let’s have an adventure.

looking up the stairs

Up the stairs we go. This floor has some of the best and worst parts of the house. It has the most neutral and probably newest coat of paint on it of any of the floors. (I see you looking at the pink paint and thinking, “Did she say neutral?” Yes, I did.) But, its ceiling has a lot of now-dry water damage. Actually, we’ve had so much rain in the last few months, I’d be a fool to say it’s dry. I should say, “as far as I know…”

The third floor is where the heat from the second floor, and with it our savings, went this winter, so only recently did we take down the ugly canvas drop cloth curtain at the bottom of the stairs. Glamorous.

top of the stairs

Here we are at the top of the stairs. To the left out of view, a hall closet. Something not to be found anywhere in the second floor. I recently shoved winter coats and jackets in here. Yay, storage! Yay, no winter!

We’re walking. We’re walking. Down the hall on the right is the bathroom.

the bathroom

The bathroom we used all winter up until about three months ago. Yes, that is the original toilet from 1900. Or 1960. Same difference. And that sink, well, need I say more about how not awesome it is, especially to wash dishes in (which we did until we had sinks on other floors). Washing dishes in the bathroom? In this bathroom? Semi-unsanitary? I have no idea what you’re talking about. On another note, we are very resistant to all kinds of viruses these days.

But let’s talk about the smallest window ever at the end of the bath. How cute is it?

Someday the third floor bathroom will be the best part of the house. But right now its floor is torn up and the walls are open and we’ve ripped out the plastic shower that was in the corner (to reveal some lovely 1950s wallpaper). Poor, poor bathroom.

Across the hall from the bathroom is our closet. Yes, it’s on the third floor. All the bedroom closets in the house are worthless. Long and narrow to the left of the door, long and narrow to the right – how anyone is supposed to reach their clothes is a mystery. And the ones on our floor are all torn apart and full of sawdust and exposed plumbing and crumbling plaster. So our daily wardrobe options are in here, or the dresser. But the remaining clothes are –

storage room

Here! In this embarrassing bedroom. Sorry for the photo but hey, this is real life. At least the closets are functional. In the middle of the room are the remaining unpacked boxes of books, photos, and kitchen items we don’t have the space for downstairs, as well as the homeless plumbing fixture awaiting its new bathroom.

DSC_0390This bedroom is also a makeshift work room and can easily accommodate saw horses, boards, saws, and sanders, and provides a great floor for spray painting old fixtures. But wait, there’s more! This bedroom also has its own (non-working) sink!

third floor sink

From this bedroom we go to the other side of the house. Idealy this floor would be a one bedroom unit, though it could be a two with a smaller living area.

third floor rooms third floor bedroomYou aren’t supposed to shoot into corners, but this corner has a little bit going on. Try putting a bed in this room. Not gonna happen.

The kitchen on this floor (using the term kitchen loosely) will be modeled after European kitchens. No, not with well behaved children that eat anything and a Danish au pair. More like, the counter top will run all the way around the main wall like an L, with refrigerator drawers under it on the left and the washer and dryer underneath it below that window in the second photo. Small, efficient kitchen.

kitchen to be kitchen to be

At least the floor is in good shape. If this world were like my Pinterest world, I’d paint the floor white but I’ve heard about the reality of white floors. I might be dumb enough to buy this giant house but I’m not dumb enough to paint an old, dirty house’s floors all white. Come on now.

It is Lou’s dream to live up in this third floor space after we finish and rent out our second floor space. And since we’re talking about dreams, it is my dream to come home from work one day and find that someone has finished the second floor for us.

*Okay so we’ve been doing little things here and there around Floor Number Two, like grilling corn and putting drawers in the bathroom vanity. Also, running wires from the basement to the second and third floors is incredibly time consuming and really not something anyone should ever blog about, ever.


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  1. Kent says:

    Good to see you have not lost your sense of humor through all this.

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