F is for fall. And almost finished.

42 degrees this morning. Cold and sunny with that whole fall thing going on. I’m starting to enjoy it. You see, the leaves literally and constantly fall as you walk down the street. I get it now. Fall.

TIMEOUT. This is not a post where I go all chick-blogger-style and praise fall and profess my love for pumpkin spice lattes, talk about my feelings for scarves and boots, and improperly capitalize fall (Fall) a hundred times. That’s right, don’t capitalize seasons unless you are naming your child after one. <END RANT>

Which brings me to: We’re back to the season in which we bought the house. We’re back to flashbacks of tearing down wallpaper. We’re back to the crockpot, because we still don’t have a kitchen. And I’m about to head to the laundromat despite the fact that I’m staring at the dryer in the dining room. At least it’ll be a beautiful day because, hey, it’s Fall and we Love Fall and I just want to swim in Pumpkin Spice waterfalls with nutmeg candles piled on the mantel and…Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

In ten days, we celebrate one year of owning this beast of a house. And in ten days, we will have cabinets in the kitchen. Maybe appliances. But probably not a countertop as there does not appear to be the kind of slab we chose ANYWHERE in the state of Massachusetts (another tangent – I just spelled the state I live in correctly, on the first try, which is sadly exciting). I guess we chose the one countertop that nobody else at Ikea orders, ever. Of course.

So the plaster people came on Monday and did the entire kitchen (well, partial walls and ceiling) in just one day. I can’t decide if I’m happier about having walls I can’t see into, or a new closet!

new closet

That’s right. The stairs to the basement had a door in the hall and a door two feet away in the kitchen. We put a board up, and the plaster dudes just did their thing and now, closet! Guess who gets to paint that thing today? Also, shitty photo. I’m too lazy to the the nice camera out, sorry.

plaster and cabinetsHere’s one corner of the kitchen. There’s a lot going on. Because we have pipes and electrical things that we already had installed against the old walls, which will all be covered behind the cabinets, the plaster in this instance goes down just past the countertop. This created the perfect excuse for Lou to use the orange spray paint to mark the walls that shouldn’t be plastered. And finally, Lou is setting cabinets today, so there’s a base for them. It’s all very glamorous.

laundry nookAnd here’s the laundry nook to-be. Imagine a wall running right behind the back of the fridge (that silver thing on the right) dividing the room, and a stacked washer and dryer to the left it, connecting to that box there on the left. Soon. Soon…


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