I apologize in advance for this post

Lookout, honesty post! Starting the new year off with a bang. Actually, I’m just here to complain about how much this darn house costs. So honesty, and tackiness!

Now that the giving season – a time when we all reflect on how much we have and how thankful we should be, has passed, I can feel okay when I say, in the most pathetic voice ever, “I am really tired of spending so much on this house.” Okay, and sometimes at The Haven (BUT THAT BURGER). You have to eat in order to run the stairs from the basement to the third floor and back down carrying boards and gallons of paint (or just walk the dog), right?

I know we voluntarily got into this project and I know the house has increased in value and we now own stuff like a really sweet saw/vacuum combo unit…

I told you this was going to be tacky.*

BUT. Let’s talk about the latest gift we gave our house. Actually, it was really a gift the house slash oil company gave us. Christmas morning, when we were in California (a long way from Boston), we got a text from the tenants saying they had no hot water. NO HOT WATER. MERRY CHRISTMAS, WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU, HOME IMPROVEMENT GODS?

I could only imagine how much the holiday–spiked price would be for the oil company to even answer the phone, let alone go to our basement. It turned out to be a clogged chimney, which only cost <way too much> considering one guy spent a little time taking out a few bricks that had fallen from the top of the chimney and replacing parts without asking us, which did not have to be replaced right then. But that’s neither here nor there, just oil company business as usual. At least it wasn’t a whole new boiler system. That will probably happen on my birthday.

The next post will be something about how productive we’ve been. And trust me, we have really been productive! Here’s a sneak peek:

cutting wallpaper

*also on the credit card are monthly contributions to some non-profits so, you know, not a total asshole.


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