Night work

I have not seen Deep Eaves in the daylight since last week. We don’t live there yet, so I only have visitation rights after work. Seeing as how the sun sets at 4:30 in these frosty, cold (personality) parts, it’s pitch black when I get there.

Not that there’s a lot to see. But all the walls are now white! And soon the trim on the second floor will be, too. It was a huge debate. Huge. Between me and myself about whether or not to paint all the stained wood doors, door frames, window frames, and baseboard. It came down to this: There are so many door frames (and doors) all in the central hall/landing area, the brown just looks overwhelming. Half the rooms and their trim have already been painted white over the years, so it’s already mix-n-match.  We want to stain the floors a deep, dark, black-brown, and that would so not go with the glossy reddish brown trim. And personally, I like the stark, clean, white look. I’d live in Scandinavia if I could – frosty and cold (white walls  but I bet the people are warmer). And in case I needed one more argument, this is the only time we will ever have a painter in the house who isn’t me or Lou, and this job is a bitch to do, so if we ever want to do it, the time is now. Again, the painter. Worth every penny. We’d still be on the second bedroom of the first floor if we started the day after we closed.

Back to the point of this post: I only see the house at night. The other night we filled the Bagster (which I learned about on HGTV, back before I got cheap and cut the cable) to the brim with every piece of carpet in the house, plus a few rooms worth of linoleum, and some wooden window boxes.

But first, we threw it all over the second floor porch into the front yard so it landed in a pile next to the bagster. I mean, that’s obvious from this photo below, right?


The night after we filled the Bagster, we rented a Zip van (the Zip Car experience deserves its own post) and went to Home Depot for boards so we could fix the fence. Again. And by fix, I mean prop up. And by we, I mean Lou.

Another lovely night work photo:


The fence is the first major, unexpected, not-fun expense of the house so far (and it’s hard to call it an expense when we haven’t even replaced it). Lou suggested replacing it with chain link fence covered with bamboo. I asked if he had ever grown/managed/been taken over by bamboo…because I think it’s a full-time job, and we don’t have pandas, and I’m not sure we want to be making carne asada in the yard next summer with a ginormous, uninvited bamboo guest. Plus, I kind of think bamboo looks trashy messy.

Anyhow, tomorrow I get to see the house in the daylight. That’s the point of all of this. I’m excited.


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